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Portumna Marine - Axis Boats Ireland

In Portumna, County Galway, on the banks of the River Shannon

Representing Axis Wake Research Boats in Ireland we are able to offer the range of sophisticated tournament water sports boats designed with you in mind and your enjoyment of wakeboarding & wakesurfing.  


Portumna Marine pride ourselves on our extensive back up boat services and boat storage to make sure you get the most out of your Axis when you have the chance to enjoy it.

We understand your passion for being on the water and recognize how precious your free time is, which is why we have invested in our installations and training our team to be of service when you need us.

Working together we aim to create a seamless link between the team creating the exceptional Axis Wake Research range of models and those of us fortunate to enjoy our Axis on the water. Axis Wake Research delivers award-winning technology and features which have enriched, evolved and set new standards in the world of water sports.


Axis Wake Research is part of the Malibu Boats family which is known for leading the industry with major innovations, including the first on-board computer system in 1993, the ingenious Power Wedge hydrofoil in 2006 (completely redesigned in 2014), the industry’s first wake-maximizing hull in 2000, and Surf Gate, the innovation that changed the face of wake-surfing forever, in 2012.

All of this innovation, along with superb build quality has resulted in Axis Wake Reserach & Malibu boats being the world's largest manufacturer of water-sports towboats (the affectionate name given to all boats designed for water-skiing, wake boarding, wake-surfing etc...).

Along with Axis Wake Research we also produce the Malibu range of models providing innovative cutting edge water sports boats to help you on the water whatever your budget.


We are very particular in what marine brands we represent, at Portumna Marine we strive to provide the best quality boats for sale and marine products confident that our customers will be satisfied on delivery and into the future.

With our website we aim to provide you with all the information you are looking to find and to hopefully surprise you with things you did not. If you are unable to find that elusive fact, or detail please do not hesitate to give us a call.

We look forward to meeting you.

Leslie and Dave